Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick

State Senator, District 25
State Representative
District 23

Valued Community Member

March 2018 Update
UI Alumni Agriculture Award

Public Offices Held

  • Idaho State Senator, District 25
  • Idaho State Representative, District 23
  • Salmon River Canal Company Board
  • Planning and Zoning Board


  • Filer High School
  • University of Idaho, BS Ag Business & Econ.

Work Experience

Jim Patrick cutting beans
  • Fertilizer Sales, 2 yrs - Burley Rupert area
  • Farm Owner-Operator, 30+ years
  • Director of IMCB
  • Founder of a local bank
  • Forbes.com Profile

Personal Strengths

  • Joint Appropriation & Finance Committee (JAFC)
  • Effective rural legislator with water and agricultural issues in Owyhee and Twin Falls counties
  • Supports economic development and job creation through downsizing government and limiting regulations